1st International Conference


26-27 April 2018 | St. Petersburg, Russia
April 26−27 at the Courtyard by Marriott St. Petersburg Vasilievsky in the center of St. Petersburg, the first international conference "Protection of intellectual property rights" was held in Russia, which was attended by practicing lawyers from the United States, Canada, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, China and Russia. The conference brought together more than a hundred specialists of Russian and foreign companies. The Business Way Forum company expresses sincere gratitude to all participants of the conference.
April 26 — 1st Day
Sergey Zuykov, General Director of Zuykov & Partners, the General Sponsor of the Conference, solemnly opened the business part of the program with report on Unfair Behavior and abuse of the right to protection in the field of Intellectual Property. Sergey told about the copying and imitation of the external appearance of the goods, presented judicial cases that aroused keen interest among the forum participants.
Maria Sedova (Head of IP) and Vadim N. (IP Consultant) from Gazprom Neft, shared the strategy of effective protection of brands in selected markets and discussed the problems of trademark protection in the Internet. Maria and Vadim, presented examples of defensive registration of trademarks, as well as gave general recommendations on protection in foreign markets.
Dennemeyer — Official Sponsor of the Conference
Next report was presented by Dirk Cromm (Patent Attorney, European Trademark Attorney), Dennemeyer & Associates S.A. (Germany). In his report, "The Hague Agreement: A sufficient way for filing Industrial Designs internationally" Dirk shared his experience and observations made in the United States, South Korea and Japan, and gave recommendations for an industrial design filing strategy. The next part of the conference was devoted to the legal protection of trademarks.
The moderator of the session as well as one of the speakers was Tove Graulund (IP Consultant), Graulund Consulting (Denmark). The report was devoted to the "Pros and Cons of using the Madrid system". Being a fan of the Madrid system, Tove gave useful advice and recommendations to the forum participants.
Fei Wang (Trademark Lawyer), TSINGYIHUA INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LLC (China) completed the formal part of the session with a report in which he gave practical advice on Trademark registration and protection in China.
The session continued with a report from Margaret Knitter (Attorney at Law, Certified Expert for IP Law), SKW SCHWARZ. Margaret made presentation "Trademarks — Danger of confusion: Examples of trademark infringements and Unfair Competition Law- with a focus on look-alikes".
Afternoon - Section 1
After lunch, participants were divided into parallel sections dedicated to the management and protection of various intellectual property objects. Sergei Zuykov moderated the session devoted to the main problems of patent registration and gave the floor to Doctor Stefan Shoe (Patent Attorney), Boehmert & Boehmert (Germany). Dr. Shoe, together with colleague Natalia Zakharova, spoke about "Procedures and strategies for prosecution before the European Patent Office". In their report, the speakers shared strategies for speeding up the procedure, described how to avoid unnecessary delays, and how to eliminate or prevent objections from the European Patent Office.
The session was continued by the report of Ilya Kalnish (Patent Attorney for Trademarks), the company BFC (Canada). Ilya’s report was devoted to "Patenting in the US and Canada", he presented best practices for applicants from Russia.
About patent protection in China
Song Hecheng (Attorney at law) from the company TSINGYIHUA INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LLC made presentation about patent protection in China.
Lidings — Sponsor of conference
Boris Malakhov — Partner of the law firm Lidings, presented the report "Patent conflicts in the European Economic Community: work experience in Russia and Belarus.
Ksenia Nasonova (Leading Patent Attorney) told about launching of Pharmaceutical Product on the market and made case study about problems and solutions in the field of patenting.
Conclusion of the 1st session
The session was finished with a report on "Patent disputes in the pharmaceutical market" by Evgeny Alexandrov (Partner) Gorodissky and partners. Evgeniy spoke about the risks and possible consequences of patent rights restrictions in pharmaceutical Industry and highlighted the problems of generics registration before the end of the patent protection for the original drug.
Section 2
Sessions of the second section were devoted to the intellectual property management, as well as copyright and related rights. The moderator of the section was Sergey Medvedev (Ph.D., LLV, Senior Lawyer), Gorodissky and Partners.
Contractual aspects of intellectual property management from Sibur
Tatyana M. (Lawyer) from Sibur Company spoke about the contractual aspects of managing intellectual property. Tatiana spoke about the life cycle of IP, risk management, as well as the commercialization of IP and gave many valuable advice to the participants.
Thyssenkrupp (Germany)
Claudia P. (Certified Specialist Lawyer in IP Law, Head of IP Team Trademark), Thyssenkrupp (Germany) supplemented the topic of IP management with her speech. Claudia’s report was devoted to the practical experience of IP management in Thyssenkrupp.
Intellectual property in the aspect of investment agreement
Evgenia Smirnova (Head of the Legal Department), Riki Group made a presentation on the topic "IP in the aspect of investment agreement " and described the stages of the transaction, due diligence and various life hacks.
A detailed report was made by Irina Y. (Vice President for Legal Affairs) and Vladislava K. (Project Coordinator), IPCHAIN ASSOCIATION On the topic "How to use BLOCKCHAIN technologies as a tool for building the Infrastructure of Trust in Intellectual Property".
Deloitte Russia
The session was completed with the report about implementation of case studies and existing Blockchain capabilities in IP. The report was made by Natalia Yakovleva (Senior Consultant), Deloitte.
Anna G. (Senior Lawyer), Viacom International Media Networks in Russia and the CIS, presented the report "User Generated Content. User — friend or foe? "
"Now the Internet user is not only a consumer of content, but also its active creator. On the one hand, this makes the world more diverse and more interesting, and on the other — conceals risks for business. There are a few simple rules that allow a company to protect its intellectual property and not become an infringer of user rights. The main among them is a reasonable drafting of user agreements and proper registration of the rights to use any objects created by the Internet user.
Gorodissky and partners- Partner of the Conference
Sergei Medvedev (Ph.D., LLV, Senior Lawyer) Gorodissky and Partners completed the session with a presentation on "Effective ways to protect copyright and related rights in the Internet." Sergey shared the main ways and strategies for protecting the rights, told how to identify the administrator of the domain and the hosting provider, and presented interesting court cases.
April 27 — 2nd Day
The second day of the conference was opened by the report of Yixian Chen (Junior Legal Consultant), Jones & Co (Canada). Yixian presented a report on the specifics and strategies for IP protection in the Internet in China, she spoke about the strategy to combat parasitism on the brand in China and mechanisms to protect the exclusive right to Trademark in courts and administrative bodies.
Protecting Intellectual Property on The Internet
Alexandra Pelikh (Head of the Legal Department) Zuikov & Partners (General Sponsor) introduced Russian case law on IP protection issues on the Internet and described what is recommended when a claim is made for violation of the exclusive right to trademarks.
Technological approach
Valeria S. (brand protection manager) Group-IB continued the session on IP protection in the Internet and spoke about the Technological approach to brand protection on the Internet.
Levi Strauss & Co. (USA)
Best practices of combating counterfeit in all online aspects were presented by Zak T. (Global Director for Trademarks) Levi Strauss & Co. Zak delivered a report on "Effective enforcement to combat counterfeit online".
Natalia Zakharova and Dr. Stefan Schohe- Boehmert & Boehmert delivered a report about patent protection for software and related inventions in EPC countries.
Tatiana Sazonova (Head of Intellectual Property Department) from Philips Company, spoke about methods of countering violations of the exclusive right to IP objects. Tatiana provided examples of complex violations and gave recommendations on protection.
Second part of the day
The second half of the day was opened with a report on the Strategies for the Protection of Trademarks from Chinese Counterfeits, delivered by Paul Jones (Principal) from Jones & Co. (Canada). He talked about ways to determine the identity of the offender and collect evidence, presented a case study.
Nivea Russia
Daniel F. (Regional brand protection manager), Nivea Beiersdorf Russia, presented in his report two major ways of fake products infiltration from China. "Belt and Road Xinjang (China) — Khorgos (Kazakhstan) and Aliexpress (Taobao) PP, and mirror sites.
Coca-Cola Russia
The expert on intellectual property of Coca-Cola HBC Russia — Svyatoslav D. shared his experience of Coca-Cola company for the protection of trademarks in Russia and the Customs Union. Svyatoslav presented interesting cases and gave detailed recommendations to the participants.
Final report
The closing speech of the second day of the conference was the report of Willem Leppink (Advocate, Partner) from Ploum (Netherlands). Willem told where and how to stop counterfeit and grey goods in the European Union.
Cocktail Party
After the conference, participants had the opportunity to communicate in non-formal environment at a cocktail party

Conference Speakers

  • Zach Toczynski
    Director, Global Brand Enforcement
    Levi Strauss & Co., USA
  • Dr. Claudia Pappas
    Certified Specialist Lawyer in Intellectual Property Law Head of IP Team Trademarks,
    Thyssenkrupp, Germany
  • Mr. Wang Fei
    Trade Mark Attorney,
    Tsingyihua Intellectual Property Llc, China
  • Tove Graulund
    Director, European Trademark & Design Attorney,
    Graulund Consulting, Denmark
  • Margaret Knitter
    Partner, Certified Expert for IP,
    Skw Schwarz, Germany
  • Yixian Chen
    Junior Legal Consultant
    Jones & Co, Canada
  • Mr. Song Hecheng
    Pattent attorney,
    Tsingyihua Intellectual Property Llc, China
  • Dr. Stefan Schohe
    Patentanwalt, European Patent and Trademark Attorn,
    Boehmert & Boehmert, Germany
  • Ilya Kalnish
    Partner, Patent and Trademark Agent
    BCF, Canada
  • Dirk Kromm
    Patent Attorney, European Trademark and Design Attorney
    Dennemeyer & Associates s.a., Germany
  • Paul Jones
    Jones &Co, Canada
  • Willem Leppink
    Attorney at law, partner
    Ploum, Netherlands
  • Natalia Zakharova
    Patent attorney
    Boehmert & Boehmert, Germany
  • Ksenia Nasonova
    Leading Patent Attorney, Patent Attorney for Russia and Eurasia
    Geropharm, Russia
  • Tatyana Mikhalchuk
    Sibur, Russia
  • Daniel Fedorkov
    Regional Brand Protection Manager, Russia & CIS
    Nivea Beiersdorf, Russia
  • Svyatoslav Dubovoy
    Intellectual Property Expert
    Coca-Cola HBC Russia
  • Evgeny Alexandrov
    Head of Legal Department, Partner Trademark Attorney Ph.D.
    Gorodissky and Partners
  • Maria Sedova
    Head of intellectual property
    Gazprom Neft, Russia
  • Irina Yakovleva
    Vice-President for Legal Affairs
    Ipchain Associationm, Russia
  • Vladislava Korneva
    Project Coordinator
    Ipchain Associationm, Russia
  • Anna Gavrilyuk
    Senior lawyer
    Viacom International Media Networks, Russia
  • Evgenia Smirnova
    Head of legal,
    Riki Group (TM "Smeshariki"), Russia
  • Tatiana Sazonova
    Head of IP
    Philips, Russia
  • Vadim Nyunyaev
    Intellectual property consultant
    Gazprom Neft, Russia
  • Sergey Medvedev
    Senior Lawyer, Trademark & Design Attorney Ph.D. LL.M.
    Gorodissky and Partners
  • Aleksandra Pelikh
    Head of legal
    Зуйков и партнёры
  • Sergey Zuykov
    Managing Partner, Patent Attorney of the Russian Federation, Eurasian Patent Attorney
    Зуйков и партнёры
  • Boris Malakhov
  • Natalya Yakovleva
    Consultant, Legal for Tech Group
    Deloitte, Russia
Conference Sponsors
Law Firms


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