2nd International Conference


11-12 October 2018, Moscow, Russia


The 2nd International (7th Annual) conference on the Protection of Intellectual Property rights was held on October 11−12. More than 150 specialists from Russia, Europe, Asia and the USA took part in the conference. Participants had the opportunity to exchange experiences, improve their skills, make useful acquaintances and get recommendations from the leading experts. The Business Way Forum team thanks all the participants and sponsors of the conference that made this conference possible.


11 October
11 October
Sergey Zuykov
Zuykov and partners
The conference was opened by the Managing partner of the company "Zuykov and partners" - Sergey Zuykov, who acted as the Title sponsor of the conference. Sergey welcomed the participants, announced the upcoming sessions and noted that the quantitative and, most importantly, qualitative composition of the Conference participants is improving every year. At the end of the welcome speech, Sergey thanked the company Business Way Forum (conference organizer), other sponsors of the event, wished productive work and positive results from visiting conference sections and parallel classes. Sergey spoke about effective methods and successful strategies for protection of intellectual property.
Claudia Pappas
ThyssenKrupp, Germany
Claudia Pappas (Head of the IP Team) demonstrated the experience of implementing the necessary structures and processes to protect trade secrets in the company with 155,000 employees in 80 countries. Claudia told about the necessity of classification, building securing tools for IT, physical actions and contractual actions.
Polina Pavlova
Danone, Russia
Polina Pavlova (Senior legal counsel, Legal & Regulatory, Russia & CIS) represented preventive measures to protect against unfair competition associated with the illegal use of copyright and trademarks.
Irina Komleva and Marat Almaganbetov
LexisNexis. Russia
Irina Komleva and Marat Almaganbetov (Business Development Managers) told about Monitoring and analysis of markets, trends and innovations.
Dmitry Markanov
Patentus, Russia
Dmitry Markanov (Managing Partner, Head of Trademarks and Litigation, Trademark Attorney) made a report "Modern technology: in favor or against a lawyer?". He told about sophisticated search technology for the search of trademarks, using software and artificial intelligence when drafting claims and complaints.
Dr. Richard Brunner
Dennemeyer Group, Gemany
Dr. Richard Brunner (Chief Legal Officer) made a presentation on the impact of Blockchain on Intellectual property. Dr. Brunner spoke about the possibilities of Blockchain technology that can be used for protecting and managing IP, gave examples of the use of the Blockchain in the management of IP, and spoke about the patentability of this technology.
Alina Akinshina
Online Patent, Russia
Alina Akinshina (Executive Director) spoke on "Digitalization of intellectual property management: yesterday, today, tomorrow". Alina told about LegalTech trends: From automating actions to automating functions.
Tobias Cohen Jehoram
De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, Netherlands
Tobias Cohen Jehoram (Partner) touched upon the problems of intellectual property rights protection in social media. Tobias answered the questions what can you (not) do with user generated content? Who is liable in case on infringements, also the platform? And how to combat infringing e-commerce sales through social media?
Dmitry Donov
Albrecht & Vitte, Russia
Dmitry Donov (Managing partner) told about Russian personal data and GDPR, and the main things that the company needs to know. As part of the report, Dmitry presented a comparative analysis of GDPR vs. sectoral law of the Russian Federation and told about the principles of personal data processing.
Stanislav Rumyantsev
Gorodissky & Partners, Russia
Stanislav Rumyantsev (Senior lawyer) presented the report "Online Data Protection: International Compliance Matters". Stanislav told about localization of Russian citizens' data in the territory of Russia, Data flows of online businesses and gave practical solutions and recommendations.
Evgenia Pleshkova
Digital Horizon
Evgenia Pleshkova (Legal counsel) told about difficulties of Receiving and Processing of Personal Data Using the Internet. Evgenia considered the problems of classifying the processed data as personal, the problems of determining the grounds for data processing, the problems of conservatism of documents and data processing requirements. She told about the risks and gave valuable recommendations.
Parallel Section 1
Parallel Section 1
Michael Fainberg
Arent Fox LLP, USA
Michael Fainberg, Partner of Arent Fox LLP, USA, made the report "Protection of IT technologies in the US". He told about advantages of patenting, monetizing and enforcing IT technologies in the US, effective strategies for prosecuting IT patent applications in the US.
Bastian Best
Bardehle Pagenberg, Germany
Bastian Best (Partner) spoke about software patents and revolutionary technologies in the European Union. Bastian presented the best practice of software patent applications development and their successful protection at the European patent office.
Nadezhda Kaschenko
Kaspersky Lab, Russia
Nadezhda Kaschenko (Chief Intellectual Property Counsel) gave practical recommendations to address GDPR compliance for Russian companies providing IT products and services in the EU. Nadezhda told about the importance of the correct definition of roles: who is the controller and processor? She told about particular importance of minimizing the data volume to be processed and the transparency of the processing.
Alexander Kuznetsov
ABBYY Global Office, Russia
Alexander Kuznetsov (Lawyer) presented the practice of distinguishing the terms "new version" and "update" in the license agreement. He told about inclusion of the obligation to provide new versions within the license agreement, what to highlight and how to protect one's interests.
Parallel Section 2
Parallel Section 2
Mr. Hecheng Song
Tsingyihua Intellectual Property
Mr. Hecheng Song, Director, Partner of Tsingyihua Intellectual Property presented Key issues and practice in the area of patent law. Mr. Song told about Chinese Patent System, Patent protection in China and ways of collecting evidence in patent infringement litigation.
Simone Bongiovanni
Studio Torta, Italy
Simone Bongiovanni (Partner) presented ways to expedite grant procedure at the EPO. Simone told about early certainty at the EPO and most effective tools to accelerated and shorten procedure.
Joern Fischbeck
Compane Winter, Brandl, Fürniss, Hübner, Röss, Kaiser, Polte – Partnerschaft mbB, Germany
Joern Fischbeck (Partner) presented the report "Patent for industrial design: How to obtain and subsequently protect". Joern told about filing strategy and application process, infringement and the degree of freedom of the designer in developing a design.
Parallel Section 3
Parallel Section 3
Boris Malakhov
Boris Malakhov (Partner at Lidings) presented the report "Courts, Customs, FAS - where to look for protection against counterfeit". Boris told about different approaches to counterfeiting from the perspective of courts, customs and FAS. Gave examples of the largest penalties and unsuccessful cases.
Timo Helosuo
Kolster, Finland
Timo Helosuo (CEO) presented the practical experiences of penetrating to China market as foreign company. Timo told how to prepare and how to avoid expensive mistakes.
Lyubov Alimova
Nestle, Russia
Lyubov Alimova (Head of Intellectual Property) gave practical recommendations in the field of anticounterfeiting and share Nestle experience. She told about practices of optimization and improvement of the interaction of various services within the organization, the practice of building an effective and transparent interaction with external providers.
Panos Malamis
Malamis and Associates, Greece
Panos Malamis (BSc, MBA) made a report "Practical guide on geography, economy and field examples and how that affects the way organized crime adopts to the new landscape". He told how the recent financial crisis has provided a new platform for the criminal organizations. He gave examples of how criminal organizations adapt to circumvent law enforcement efforts and share his experience how he has reached substantial success in these cases.
12 October
12 October
Konstantin Mamilov
Kalashnikov Group
Konstantin Mamilov (Head of Legal at Kalashnikov Group) told about options for structuring transactions for the purchase of businesses using intellectual property and verification of intellectual property ownership in M&A transactions.
Dmitry Markin
Sistema, Russia
Dmitry Markin (Director of Intellectual property) made a report "Separate issues of conclusion, execution and termination of license agreements". Dmitry told about important conditions of license agreements, peculiarities of conclusion of licensing agreements with respect to know-how and gave useful advices.
Sergey Medvedev
Gorodissky & Partners, Russia
Sergey Medvedev (Trademark & Design Attorney) made a report "Pledge of Exclusive Rights: Theory and Practice". Sergey told about potential risks and recommendations in connection with pledge transactions in the IP field.
Svetlana Astafyeva
Sberbank, Russia
Svetlana Astafyeva (Head of direction) made a report "Building the intellectual property portfolio management system at the enterprise". Svetlana spoke about the systematic approach to the management of intellectual activity, about new technologies and IT- patents, the processes of registration of intellectual activity results at the enterprise and gave valuable recommendations to the participants.
Michael Zoebisch
rwzh Rechtsanwälte Wachinger Zoebisch Partnerschaft mbB, Germany
Michael Zoebisch (Partner, LL.M.) mbB made a brief overview of the jurisdiction in terms of responsibility of Internet service providers in the European Union. The key points of the presentation were the identification of Internet service providers, the possibility of blocking access to certain sites, overview on the jurisdiction of the CJEU, in Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, UK and Sweden and the Best practice in the EU and steps ("Notice and Takedown").
Yuriy Vopilov
BrandMonitor, Russia
Yuriy Vopilov (General Director) presented effective methods of intellectual property protection in the Internet. He told about identifying and addressing online threats and gave examples of how the counterfeit is traded these days and how to deal with it.
Aleksandra Pelikh
Zuykov and Partners, Russia
Aleksandra Pelikh (Head of Legal) made a report "Illegal use of trademark on a website: the boundaries established". The key points of the report were the use of a trademark when performing a websearch: keywords and advertisements; Illegal use of the company name; specific regulatory characteristics and current developments in domain-name disputes
Roman Krupenin
Yandex, Russia
Roman Krupenin (Head of Legal Practice Group, Technology, Distribution and M&A) made a report "Content filtering, moderation and protection of intellectual property rights". Roman told about the capabilities of content filters, artificial intelligence and algorithms.
Elena Trusova and Irina Shurmina
Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner, Russia
Elena Trusova (Partner) and Irina Shurmin (Senior Associate LL.M) made a report "VKontakte vs. Double: IP rights vs. open data". VKontakte vs. Double case is an unprecedented case for Russia and Europe in the field of intellectual property. The VKontakte social network filed a lawsuit against a startup of Double Data, Skolkovo resident company, which has developed a specialized search engine that allows to find open data about a particular person on the Internet with an accuracy of 99%. BCLP team has represented the interests of Double Data in the IP court and knows all details like nobody else
Anastasia Shkarina
Unilever, Russia
Anastasia Shkarina (General Counsel) told about responsible marketing and self-regulation of disputes in the field of advertising and marketing communications. Anastasia told about voluntary self-restrictive measures taken by corporations in the field of advertising.
Johan Løje
Løje, Arnesen & Meedom LLP, Denmark
Johan Løje (Partner, LL.M, Attorney-at-Law) presented the report "Use of trademarks of others in advertising – offline and online in the European Union?". The key points of the report were: When is it allowed to use other companies trademarks in marketing – comparative advertising; Use of ad-words and relation based advertisement on the Internet; How do you enforce your rights in relation to advertisement in the EU.
Conference Speakers
  • Tobias Cohen Jehoram
    De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, Netherlands
  • Simone Bongiovanni
    Partner, Managing Director
    Studio Torta, Italy
  • Dr. Claudia Pappas
    Head of IP Team Trademarks
    ThyssenKrupp AG, Germany
  • Bastian Best
    German and European Patent Attorney, Partner
    Bardehle Pagenberg, Germany
  • Mr. Song Hecheng
    Attorney at Law, Patent Attorney, Trade Mark Attorney, Justice Appraiser
    Tsingyihua Intellectual Property, China
  • Dr. Richard Brunner
    Chief Legal Officer
    Dennemeyer Group, Germany
  • Michael Zoebisch
    Partner, LL.M.
    rwzh Rechtsanwälte Wachinger Zoebisch Partnerschaft mbB, Germany
  • Panos Malamis
    BSc, MBA
    Malamis and Associates, Greece
  • Joern Fischbeck
    Winter, Brandl, Fürniss, Hübner, Röss, Kaiser, Polte – Partnerschaft mbB, Germany
  • Johan Løje
    Partner, Attorney-at-Law, LL.M
    Løje, Arnesen & Meedom LLP, Denmark
  • Michael Fainberg
    Arent Fox, USA
  • Timo Helosuo
    Kolster Oy Ab, Finland
  • Anastasia Shkarina
    Head of Legal
    Unilever, Russia
  • Lyubov Alimova
    Had of IP
    Nestle, Russia
  • Polina Pavlova
    Senior legal counsel Legal & Regulatory, Russia & CIS
    Danone, Russia
  • Evgenia Pleshkova
    Legal counsel
    Digital Horizon, Russia
  • Roman Krupenin
    Head of Legal Practice Group Technology, Distribution and M&A
    Yandex, Russia
  • Nadezhda Kaschenko
    Head of IP
    Kaspersky Lab
  • Konstantin Mamilov
    Head of Legal
    Kalashnikov Group, Russia
  • Aleksander Kuznetsov
    Abbyy Global Office, Russia
  • Dmitry Markin
    Director Of Intellectual property
    Sistema, Russia
  • Aleksandra Pelikh
    Head of Legal
    Zuykov and Partners, Russia
  • Sergey Medvedev
    Trademark & Design Attorney, Partner
    Gorodissky & Partners, Russia
  • Elena Trusova
    Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner, Russia
  • Irina Shurmina
    Senior Associate LL.M
    Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner, Russia
  • Boris Malakhov
  • Alina Akinshina
    Executive Director
    Online Patent, Russia
  • Dmitry Donov
    Managing partner
    Albrecht & Vitte
  • Dmitry Markanov
    Managing Partner
  • Sergey Zuykov
    Managing Partner
    Zuykov and Partners, Russia
  • Svetlana Astafyeva
    Head of IP direction
  • Stanislav Rumyantsev
    Senior lawyer
    Gorodissky & Partners, Russia
  • Yuriy Vopilov
    General Director
    Brand Monitor, Russia
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