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1st International Conference
26-27 September 2019, Moscow
Conference Agenda
26 September
27 September
Session 1: Managing risks associated with transactions in virtual space
09:30 – 10:00
Case-study: User identification in E-commerce
Anzhelika Izotova, Lead counsel, MTC
  • Digital identity in e-Commerce;
  • Identification and authentication in various e-Commerce sectors;
  • Identification via mobile phone subscriber number;
  • International experience.
10:00 – 10:30
Case-study: The use of simple electronic signatures for aggregators and marketplaces
Lyudmila Kharitonova - Managing partner,
Zartsyn and partners
  • Legality of simple electronic signatures for B2B, B2C transactions;
  • Problems of proof when using a simple electronic signature;
  • Analysis of judicial practice.
Case-study: Negotiations with the marketplace, problematic terms of the contract
Aleksey Petrusha, Counsel, AliExpress Russia, Alibaba Group
  • Limitation of liability of the aggregator under the contract with the marketplace;
  • Condition on compensation of losses. Are the property losses of affiliates covered?;
  • Unconditional unilateral withdrawal from the contract.
11:00 – 11:30
Case-study: Practical aspects of Consumer protection in the Lamoda context
Anatoly Markov, Lawyer, Lamoda
  • Main types of abuse;
  • Lamoda's case law;
  • The role of GR function in addressing legislative gaps.
11:30 - 12:00
12:00 – 12:30
Case-study: The procedure for concluding contracts on
trading platforms, including in accordance
with the Federal law of July 18, 2011 № 223-FZ.
Konstantin Mamilov, Head of legal department, Kalashnikov Group
  • Contract in electronic form from the point of view of civil legislation;
  • The ideal option for electronic contracts from the point of view of FAS;
  • Differences between 223- FZ and 44-FZ: similarities and differences;
  • The algorithm of signing the agreement electronically;
  • The relationship with the signing of the treaty in paper form in electronic procurement.
12:30 - 13:00
Case-study: Commercial operations with oil and petroleum products based on blockchain and smart contracts: challenges and opportunities for
Denis Karachev, Head of commercial department, Gazprom-neft
  • Global digitalization trend that lawyers should consider;
  • What is blockchain technology and smart contracts? New opportunities and legal risks for business;
  • Practical application of blockchain technologies and smart contracts in commercial operations with oil and petroleum products;
  • Novelties of legal regulation of digital technologies in Russia.
13:00 - 14:00
Session 2: Problems of legal regulation of electronic funds transfer
14:00 - 14:30
Case-study: Banking legislation on payment cards in the Russian Federation
Timur Kakabadze, Head of legal support Department, Korona Pay
  • Legal nature of payment cards under the legislation of the Russian Federation;
  • The principle of zero liability ("Zero liability") for payment cards;
  • Novelties of the Federal law "On the national payment system".

Case-study: Problems of legal regulation of electronic funds transfer
Dr. Philipp T. Süss, Partner, ReedSmith, Germany
  • Payment statistics;
  • Cyber fraud risks;
  • The European Approach: PSD2 and RTS;
  • PSD2 Security Guidelines;
  • EBA Opinion on strong customer authentication.
Case-study: Electronic payments – regulation and risks
Ilya Aleksandrov, Corporate Risk Manager, QIWI
  • Risks of electronic payments: manifestations, dynamics, methods of minimization;
  • The main problems of legal regulation of the functioning of the EFT;
  • Legal issues of making payments on the Internet.
Session 1: Protection of information and information resources
09:30 – 10:00
20 + options for blocking information on the Internet
Eugenia Pleshkova, The legal adviser, Digital Horizon
  • Grounds and procedures for blocking;
  • Categories of information to be blocked;
  • Removing information from search results;
  • How to apply to unwanted information and how to avoid applying to your own;
  • Interesting cases from law enforcement practice.
10:00 – 10:30
Case-study: to be confirmed
Tatyana Kulyabina, Head of legal department, Sanofi
Case-study: Website protection: problems and solutions
Sergey Medvedev, Partner, LL.M., Gorodissky and Partners
  • The concept of an Internet site;
  • The main elements of the website and ways to protect (secure) rights;
  • Typical violations and methods of counteraction;
  • Actual judicial practice and interesting cases;
  • Conclusions and recommendations.
11:00 – 11:30
11:30 – 12:00
Case-study: Disputes regarding rights to use registered
domain names
Roman Larshin - Lawyer, Zuykov and partners, Russia
  • Risks associated with the use of the domain name; ;
  • The administrator or the Registrar - Who is involved in a claim? Who is responsible?;
  • Judicial practice on domain disputes.
Case-study: Linking of digital content in the internet – EU
copyright law perspective
Dr. Aleksandra Auleytner, Partner, Head of IP&TMT Practice, Domański Zakrzewski Palinka sp. k, Poland
  • Understanding the concept of the 'act of communication to the public';
  • Provision on a website of clickable links to works freely available on another website (C-
    466/12Nils Svensson v. Retriever Sverige AB, C-348/13 BestWater International GmbH v.
    Michael Mebes and Stefan Potsch);
  • Hyperlinks giving access to protected works, made accessible on another website without
    the rightholder's consent (C 160/15 GS Media«V v. Sanoma Media Netherlands BV);
  • Works not yet published by the rightholder.
Session 2: E-commerce and personal data protection
12:30 – 13:00
Case-study: Personal data in e-Commerce: asset or Business risk?
Stanislav Rumyantsev, Ph.D., CIPP/E, Senior lawyer, Gorodissky and Partners
  • What information about web users can be considered personal data?
  • How to organize work with personal data according to the legislation and not to "go under"?
  • Do Russian companies need to take into account GDP??
  • Practical difficulties in the processing and protection of personal data on the Internet.
Case-study: E-commerce and the GDPR
Jesper Langemark, Advokat, LL.M, Partner, Bird & Bird, Denmark
  • The extraterritorial effect of the GDPR; the GDPR is relevant to almost every company
  • doing e-commerce regardless of place of business;
  • Which personal data about the end customers may be processed; what kind of information should be given to the end users and how?
  • To what extend may personal data about the end users be used for marketing purposes?
  • How long may data about the end users be kept and how to handle the end users' exercising of their rights?
  • May data be shared or otherwise processed by third parties, including group companies
  • and external data processors?
  • How to handle data security issues, including hacking and other kinds of data breaches?
  • What are the risks of non-compliance with the GDPR?
  • Tips & tricks about how to achieve and maintain GDPR compliance.
Case-study: GDPR and legal aspects. Liability for violation of personal data legislation
Maria Lukina, Senior Manager, Legal Resources, Mary Kay, Russia
  • Personal data processing policy in accordance with 152 Federal Law;
  • Roskomnadzor inspection;
  • Transfer of personal data to countries that do not provide adequate protection of personal
  • data;
  • Corporate policy on personal data processing, correlation of GDPR and Russian legislation;
  • Practical recommendations and conclusions.

Case-study: Practical experience in localization of databases with personal data of Russian citizens in accordance with the requirements of Russian legislation
Alexey Muntyan, Independent expert
  • Data localization has long been a global trend that business must consider;
  • There is a limited set of strategies to meet Russian requirements for the localization of databases with personal data;
  • The strategy of creating intermediate databases with personal data can be considered as one of the best.
The conference will be attended by highly qualified legal practitioners-representatives of the largest Russian and foreign corporations and law firms.
  • Stein De Maeijer
    Tiberghien lawyers, Belgium
  • Dr. Philipp Süss
    Reed Smith, Germany
  • Jesper Langemark
    Advokat, LL.M, Partner
    Bird & Bird, Denmark
  • Jurgen Gevers
    Tiberghien lawyers, Belgium
  • Manouk Minasyan
    Bignon Lebray, France
  • Dr. Aleksandra Auleytner
    Partner, Head of IP&TMT Practice
    Domański Zakrzewski Palinka Sp.k., Poland
  • Alina Davletshina
    Senior lawyer
    Deloitte Legal
  • Ilya Aleksandrov
    Corporate Risk-manager
  • Timur Kakabadze
    Head of legal support Department
    Korona Pay
  • Maria Lukina
    Senior Manager, Legal Resources
    Mary Kay Russia
  • Denis Karachev
    Head of commercial department
  • Alexey Muntyan
    Independent expert
  • Konstantin Mamilov
    Head of legal department
    Kalashnikov Group
  • Roman Fedorov
    Senior lawyer
    Pepsico Russia
  • Anatoly Markov
  • Eugenia Pleshkova
    The legal adviser
    Digital Horizon
  • Stanislav Rumyantsev
    Ph.D., CIPP/E, Senior lawyer
    Gorodissky and Partners
  • Sergey Medvedev
    Partner, LL.M.
    Gorodissky and Partners
  • Roman Larshin
    Zuykov and partners
  • Lyudmila Kharitonova
    Managing Partner
    Zartsyn and Partners
  • Mikhail Zhuzhzhalov
    Deloitte Legal
  • Anzhelika Izotova
    Lead counsel
    Mobile Telesystems
  • Aleksey Petrusha
    Legal counsel
    AliExpress Russia, Alibaba Group, Russia
  • Tatyana Kulyabina
    Head of legal department
    Sanofi, Russia
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